Sodium Methallyl Sulfonate MSDS: A Comprehensive Guide for Manufacturers and Exporters.

Ningbo Jinlai Chemical Co., Ltd., a leading supplier, manufacturer and factory based in China, is proud to offer Sodium Methallyl Sulfonate, a versatile chemical used in various industrial applications. Our Sodium Methallyl Sulfonate MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) provides comprehensive information and guidance for the safe handling of this product.

Sodium Methallyl Sulfonate is a clear and colorless liquid that is soluble in water and organic solvents. It is widely used in the manufacture of adhesives, coatings, water treatment chemicals, and polymers, including acrylics, polyurethanes, and sulfonated styrene-butadiene rubber. With its exceptional thermal stability and excellent water solubility, Sodium Methallyl Sulfonate is an ideal additive for improving the properties of these materials.

At Ningbo Jinlai Chemical Co., Ltd., we take pride in providing high-quality chemicals that meet the needs and requirements of our customers. Our Sodium Methallyl Sulfonate is manufactured using the latest technologies and equipment, ensuring consistent quality and purity. Contact us today to learn more about how we can supply your Sodium Methallyl Sulfonate needs.
  • Sodium methallyl sulfonate, also known as SMAS, is a highly versatile material that finds use in a wide range of industrial applications. This white powdered substance exhibits excellent water solubility, making it an ideal additive for products that are designed to disperse easily in water. SMAS is a key component in the production of polymers and copolymers, which are the basic building blocks of many everyday products, such as adhesives, coatings, and plastics. SMAS is also a crucial element in the formulation of drilling fluids used in the oil and gas industry, where it serves as a high-performance filtration control agent. In addition to its industrial applications, SMAS is also increasingly being used in medical and personal care products. Due to its superior water solubility, SMAS is an excellent dispersant for many active ingredients, which makes it an ideal choice for the formulation of medical products such as creams, gels, and ointments. Safety is always a top priority, and as such, it is important to always consult the SMAS Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before handling or using products containing this substance. In general, SMAS is considered to be a safe and effective ingredient in a wide range of industrial, medical, and personal care products.
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